Establishing a counseling center and information system for future young scientists

Project description

In 2014, the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of Sarajevo Canton supported the project “Establishment of a counseling center and information system for future young scientists”. The goal of the project is to establish a system for informing and advising future young scientists in the field of general and molecular biology, genetics, genetic engineering and biotechnology, primarily by raising the level of information among high school students about existing programs in the field of genetics and molecular biology in Sarajevo Canton, as well as existing the possibilities that professional and scientific profiling brings in this direction, but also the challenges that future young scientists face in our society. The project is intended for high school students in their final year of schooling, who after general education have an undecided attitude about continuing their education and choosing a future profession, but also for first-year students of the undergraduate study at faculties of natural sciences who are faced with the same problem.


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