Genetic Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Genetic Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina is nongovernmental society of experts gathered around the promoting, development and popularization of all fields in genetics. The Association is registered at the state level assembling eminent geneticists in country and also establishing collaboration with bh experts abroad.

Foundation Assembly took place at the I Symposium of geneticists in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 18th of February 2011 when more than a hundred people expressed their support to the Association establishing.

Aims of the Association are: development, improvement and popularization of all aspects of genetics and related scientific fields; research, conservation and protection of native bh genofond; improving public awareness; organization of scientific and professional meetings; promoting of knowledge and application of novel experiences; educative activities aiming to inform scientific community but also broader public about achievements in genetics; involvement in preparation and realization of scientific, developmental and professional programs and plans, gathering of researchers and experts willing to achieve those goals as the result of research or joint collaboration with other societies.

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